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It is that time of the year again! We offer sports physical exams

Sport Physical Exam

It is also known as a Pre-Participation Exam (PPE). It is an assessment that helps to determine how children are physically doing to start a new sports routine. The whole process consists of analyzing two main factors: medical history and physical examination.

Why is the Sport Physical Exam necessary?

It is a typical exam to start a new routine at school or sports complex because it allows to have an overall picture of children’s wellbeing, it also protects against illnesses and injuries before they show up. The Sport Physical Exam can be done at any time but at Holistic Care we recommend taking it between 5 and 7 weeks before starting classes to prevent any issue, and if thre is any, we can solve befre the school season starts, schedule an appointment here for more information.

Key features of the Sport Physical Exam

Medical history:

  • – Athlete’s family history 
  • – Prescription drugs information
  • – Healthy habits

Physical examination:

  • – Height and weight 
  • – Eye’s exam 
  • – Joints, strength and posture assessment
  • – Oxygen and blood pressure assessment

Benefits of a Sport Physical Exam

  1. Children’s health assessment to practice sport safely
  2. Prevent illnesses and injuries
  3. Allows monitoring of children’s health
  4. Promote healthy sport environments

The Sport Physical Exam is a way to take care of children’s health, a way to teach them about wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle, it is about promoting self care and prevention. At Holistic Care we support you with the care of your family, consult all our services here.

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