About Us

Our Clinic

Holistic Care Family Medicine is a family and integrative medicine practice located in Katy, Texas. We provide traditional medicine services combined with alternative approaches to health. Since we see our patients as a whole: we take into consideration the mind, body, spirit and community to help our patients’ achieve better levels of health.

We serve people from birth to adulthood and believe that health is achieved through personalized strategies in different stages of life; we adapt our treatments to the necessities of our patients.

Our specific programs, education, and packages will help you achieve the level of health that you are looking for.

Our Team


A Physician with 15 years of experience.  From her own words: “As an integrative family physician and a healer, my passion is to help people! All human beings are growing and evolving, and help is always useful. I see life and health as a whole, an intricate connection between body, mind, and spirit that sometimes gets disconnected due to our everyday routine or because we are subject to changes inside and out. Together we can reach different aspects of health through improving inner connection and interconnection.

We can educate our bodies, add support systems, and plan a strategy for positive changes. This space is for that: to open a door to new possibilities to improve your health at all levels and to motivate you in a deeper and meaningful way. We will accomplish both small and big goals together and keep planning for the future! Let us share our journey, so that we create a better future.

Together will make it happen!”


Sandra Amado Medina, M.D.  is a Family Medicine board-certified physician that currently practices medicine in Katy, combining allopathic medicine with integrative therapies. She has completed a fellowship in integrative medicine with AIHM (Academy of Integrative and Holistic Medicine) after graduating from her residency in family medicine with NYMC (New York Medical College).

She obtained her medical degree from the University of Sabana in Colombia.  She has been interested in learning more regarding other healing techniques and became a pranic healer in 2010. She has been committed to helping the community and participates in multiple healing activities and strives to educate in health and mindfulness to the general public and health care practitioners.