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Sandra Amado Medina, M.D.

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Personalized care

Our team will provide you with a health plan tailored to your needs and goals. No matter your physical condition, a specific plan that suits your characteristics will help you reach the level of health that you deserve.

Hybrid model of care

Either in person or online we are available for your health needs, through our online interaction you can get attention from the comfort of your home, or if you decide to visit us at the office we have appointments available for you.

Holistic care

We focus on all aspects that can interfere with your good health. Looking for the root cause of the disease rather than alleviating symptoms, you can experience integral healthcare with us.

Explore what traditional and

alternative medicine can do for you

Preventive care:

Check your overall health with us! As your PCP we can do annual exams, women’s routine exam, well child, sports and school physicals.

Chronic care management:

Either diabetes or hypertension, hormone imbalance or other health issues, you can have regular control and monitoring with us.

Integrative Medicine:

Explore all the benefits alternative and functional therapies can offer to you. Our team will treat you with holistic care that will provide the highest level of wellness.


Reach us from the comfort of your home with telemedicine visits, this format could be covered by your insurance and it is offered for any of our visits either integrative or traditional medicine.

Other wellness options:

There are different packages and alternative options offered by our team that can meet your wellness needs. Either aromatherapy of energy healing among others can supplement your integrative treatment.

Health coaching:

You can meet your unique needs and health goals with our mentors and wellness experts. We help you to individualize your lifestyle and food changes to reach the level of health you dream of.


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Be the first to know about upcoming news!


Be the first to know about upcoming news!