Other Wellness Options

Pranic healing®

Pranic healing® is a non-touch biofield therapy that uses prana, chi or life force based on the principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic healing uses life force or prana to accelerate the processes that allow the body to heal itself. This can be used for physical, emotional, and mental ailments. Pranic healing is not approved by the FDA and does non intent to replace medical traditional treatment, only to complement it.


Try our specific protocols of aromatherapy. Essential oils, if used appropriately can have a physical, biochemical, emotional, mental and spiritual effect that can improve health at different levels. 

IV vitamin infusion

Our bodie can have vitamins deficiencies, either through the lack of enough vitamins and minerals in our food, or due to poor eating habits.

Our IV therapies are tailored based on your needs and medical conditions to help you replenish your body with vital nutrients needed for daily functions.

Try our IV vitamin infusion consultation and learn more about it.