Ways to take care of your mind and body

We know that this days, the human being is constantly stressed and busy that’s why at Holistic Care we want to give you some tips that you can do during the day to improve your physical and mental health, remember also that we will be ready to assist you, do not forget to request your […]

What is holistic medicine and how does it work?

At Holistic Care we want you to know what holistic medicine consists on this practice is based on not focusing on the symptoms that cause pain, on the contrary, it seeks to treat the human being on six different levels. -Physical -Emotional -Sociocultural -Environmental -Mental -Spiritual In order to seek in depth, heal your body […]

5 reasons to see an integrative doctor

HOLISTIC APPROACH. Integrative practitioners see the integration between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. They take into account relationships, social interactions, environmental factors and past events to have a complete view of all the factors involved in health and disease.   INTEGRATED CARE. An Integrative medicine physician has learned the appropriate use of […]

5 reasons to do your annual check-up

NO ADDITIONAL COST! The annual exam is covered for most insurances; you can take advantage of this service from your insurance, calling for an appointment with your primary doctor. Thus, you will have a basic assessment of your health with no additional cost to you (since your monthly insurance payment should cover this). CATCH IT […]

5 Reasons to have a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

PARTNER IN HEALTH. When you pick a PCP you are picking a provider who will be your companion in health for a long time.  Your PCP will be the primary point of help regarding any concern you have about your health.  I have heard many times at the office “I don’t want anybody new”or “I […]