5 Reasons to have a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

  1. PARTNER IN HEALTH. When you pick a PCP you are picking a provider who will be your companion in health for a long time.  Your PCP will be the primary point of help regarding any concern you have about your health.  I have heard many times at the office “I don’t want anybody new”or “I have to tell the same story to another person” and yes, some are worthy of telling many times, but some you don’t want to repeat. When you have a PCP, that person will know your story, therefore you can trust them and tell them things you don’t tell anybody else.
  2. CONTINUITY OF CARE. Over time your PCP will have continuous knowledge of your health and diseases, this will facilitate the flow of your treatment, options regarding your next steps, and different ways to treat your disease. Your PCP will help you anticipate possible complications or diseases based on your genetics or previous health issues.
  3. REFILL OF MEDICATIONS. Having a PCP will help to have a rapid refill of your medications in a easy and timely manner, by setting up frequent visits and follow ups your medication will be available at the pharmacy without delays or inconvenient.
  4. CENTRAL POINT OF CARE. Heart doctors, lung doctors, gyn doctors, all are great within the scope of their specialty, but they only focus on singular parts of your body, therefore only singular parts of your health. Having a PCP is like creating a central station or a “cloud” of information where all the different decisions and treatment of different specialists meet and can finally be integrated in your own plan. It helps to prevent wrong medicine interactions and double testing from different offices, while also explaining to you the perspectives and topics of the specialists but with a familiar face that you know.  
  5. SAVE TIME AND MONEY.. When your PCP knows you, all your visits will be more focused on your particular health history. Most of the PCPs can have same day appointments or have an open schedule for more urgent issues such as: fever, sore throat and other minor urgencies; saving you time so you won’t have to wait for long hours in an emergency room or urgent care. Besides that, going to a PCP means lower cost for insurances, your copays or deductibles or if you don’t have insurance at all.
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