5 reasons to do your annual check-up

  1. NO ADDITIONAL COST! The annual exam is covered for most insurances; you can take advantage of this service from your insurance, calling for an appointment with your primary doctor. Thus, you will have a basic assessment of your health with no additional cost to you (since your monthly insurance payment should cover this).
  2. CATCH IT ON TIME! The annual check-up will help identify potential diseases before they cause more significant issues. Some conditions give “clues” before causing a lot of damage in the body with bigger consequences; for example, a slight increase in blood pressure can be managed with exercise, proper diet, and lifestyle changes. In many cases, preventative measures can reduce the need for medications and decrease the risk of a cardiovascular event like stroke or heart attack.
  3. TAILORED TO EACH AGE! The annual exam allows you to re-evaluate the needs of your body and changes that come with age. For example, it serves as an excellent time to answer questions about health for teenagers or women close to menopause and what to expect. In addition, there are many safety recommendations to keep in mind for children, for example, swimming pool safety tips during summer, amongst others that can be discussed during the well check-up visits.
  4. ‘IF YOU CAN’T MEASURE IT, YOU CAN’T MANAGE IT” With the annual check-up, you can be aware of your “baseline” and compare year to year; you can have an idea of how close you are to your ideal weight, blood pressure, oxygen levels, cholesterol, and hormones. Having a baseline can determine if anything has been affected; for example, a drastic increase in a prostate test from one year to another, even within normal limits, can indicate the beginning of prostate issues even before symptoms arise. Another example is that some mammograms compared with previous ones can tell if a change is good or bad.
  5. It is only ONCE A YEAR! So why not dedicate one day (just a few hours) a year to bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones regarding health? Think of all those days sitting watching movies or doing nothing meaningful where you could’ve invested a few minutes of your life in your self-care. The more you think about your health and create a plan to be healthier, the more you can prevent aging and feel younger and better. You deserve at least one day to enjoy a healthier year. So don’t hesitate to make your appointment now!

P.S. If you don’t have insurance, you can still do your annual physical exam; ask your doctor for the plans without insurance to pay for your annual physical. 

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